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Announcing the Debut EP "Heredia/Paseo" by Keep the Faith on Patchouli Deep

We are thrilled to present the highly anticipated debut EP "Heredia/Paseo" by Keep the Faith, set to release on 19.06.23 exclusively on Beatport. This mesmerizing offering invites listeners on an organic deep journey, crafted with ethereal dreamy soundscapes and a profound narrative.

Inspired by a transformative trip to Costa Rica, Keep the Faith has channeled the essence of his experiences into these captivating tracks. Each composition encapsulates the emotions and sensations felt during his exploration, translating them into a musical language that resonates with the soul..

"Heredia/Paseo" paints a vivid sonic landscape, effortlessly blending organic textures with deep and evocative melodies. The EP tells a story, a narrative that unfolds with every delicate sound and carefully crafted rhythm. It invites listeners to immerse themselves in the ethereal realm created by Keep the Faith, where imagination and emotion intertwine.

Prepare to embark on a profound musical journey as Keep the Faith's debut EP "Heredia/Paseo" transports you to a world where sound becomes a conduit for deep introspection and pure sonic bliss.

Mark your calendars for 19.06.23 and prepare to dive into the captivating sounds of "Heredia/Paseo" by Keep the Faith, on Beatport. Experience the power of deep storytelling through organic deep and ethereal dreamy music.

Stay tuned and let Keep the Faith's debut EP on Patchouli Deep take you on an extraordinary sonic adventure.

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