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Patchouli Deep Resident // Istanbul, Turkey

#DeepHouse #OrganicDeep

Ilka Lichi embarked on her musical journey at the prestigious Pera Music Academy, where she honed her skills in piano and vocal performance. Eager to expand her musical horizons, she pursued studies in improvised music at Bilgi University for two years, delving into the intricate world of musical improvisation.

Driven by her passion for electronic music, Ilka furthered her expertise in DJing and production at the renowned Istanbul Academy. Under the mentorship of esteemed figures like DJ Arkın Ilıcalı and Mutlu San (Bartaub), she mastered the art of electronic music composition and performance.

Ilka's musical odyssey led her to explore diverse genres, including New Age and Fusion Jazz, where she immersed herself in the harmonious fusion of sounds. Over the years, she collaborated with various musicians and groups, showcasing her talents in improvised music and vocals. Her dedication and talent caught the attention of the legendary İlhan Mimaroğlu, earning her a guest spot on an interview with Sad Eyes Lemurs on open radio.

Since the early 2000s, Ilka has been making waves in the DJ scene, producing cutting-edge tracks and captivating audiences with her electrifying performances. With a rich background in traditional music education and a passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic soundscapes, Ilka Lichi continues to inspire and innovate in the world of music production and performance.

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