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"Patchouli Deep is a thriving record label and radio station dedicated to showcasing the best of deep electronic music. With a 24/7 radio stream broadcasting live sets and curated playlists from talented DJs around the globe, Patchouli Deep is the ultimate destination for music lovers who crave non-stop beats and grooves. As a record label, we release cutting-edge tracks from established and emerging artists alike, with a focus on deep house, techno, and ambient genres. Our vibrant DJ community and talented production team are passionate about creating a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for music enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and grow. Whether you're a fan of underground sounds or a seasoned artist looking to take your career to the next level, Patchouli Deep has something for everyone.

Join us on Patchouli Deep and become part of our vibrant community of deep electronic music lovers.


best artists can win a vinyl release

Please fill up the form, only send us links to your unsigned music (private tracks on soundcloud is preferred)


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