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// deep house, organic, afrodeep

House da Buun (HDB) is the brainchild of DJ/producer Alex Talamo and jazz guitarist/sound supervisor Gabriele Palmarin. Blending funk, jazz, and deep house influences, they embarked on their musical journey in 2010, creating a unique fusion of digital and analog sounds. With a record deal under Funduzm Records, HDB released their first EP, "Projects," featuring a captivating jungle/drum 'n' bass remix of the track "Magnet."


In their second EP, HDB delved into funky grooves and soft synths, showcasing their versatility with tracks like "The F System" and "El Ritmo," which seamlessly blended jazz, funk, deep house, minimal, and techno elements. The track "Nostalgia" caught the attention of Meformusic and was included in the compilation album "House Enjoy Chilled vol 1" in 2013. Drawing inspiration from genres such as Deep House, Organic Downtempo, Chillout, and Techno, HDB continued to release music through Funduzm Records, culminating in their funk/deep house album "El Ritmo" in 2015, featuring a collaboration with saxophonist Luca Ardini.


After a hiatus, during which Alex Talamo pursued solo projects under the name FILTHY RHODES, HDB reunited in 2021 with the release of their album "MINARET," featuring the chilled deep house hit "Hattitu." This success led to collaborations on GLOBAL SESSIONS RADIOSHOW with Ibiza Global Radio. In 2022, they released singles such as "LAS MEDUSAS" and "Savaux" under Funduzm Records, followed by the release of "Sunlight" with Patchouli Deep Records. Notably, they also released a remake of their iconic track "NOSTALGIA" with a remix by Max Porcelli. Their subsequent releases, "Guacamayo" and "CURVES," showcased their organic deep house vibes, with the latter featuring classic samples.


Their latest single, "SWEET LOVE," is a fusion of amapiano, afro deep, and deep house, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Nigerian singer and songwriter RUTZY RAD. This track, with its heavy bassline and captivating guitar work by Gabriele Palmarin, has received remixes by Pietro lgf (45 Drakes) and a progressive version. House da Buun draws inspiration from esteemed DJs and producers such as Black Coffee, Da Capo, Osunlade, DJ Chus, Volen Sentir, Sparrow and Barbossa, Ben Böhmer, Marsh, Above & Beyond, and many more, as they continually explore new sounds and push the boundaries of organic deep and afro deep genres.

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