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Volca Beats

Volca Beats


A curated collection of one-shot samples derived exclusively from the sounds of the Korg Volca Beats analog drum machine. This machine is known for its punchy, raw analog sounds that give electronic music a distinctive, vintage vibe.

Here's a quick breakdown of what the pack includes:

  • Kicks: A range of deep, thumping kick drum samples varying from soft, subtle thuds to aggressive, punchy bass hits. Each sample captures the analog warmth and presence that the Volca Beats is celebrated for.

  • Claps: Crisp, sharp clap samples that range from single, snappy sounds to layered, textured claps. These samples can add a lively, rhythmic accent to any track.

  • Snares: The snare samples include everything from tight, snappy hits to more open, resonant tones. They're perfect for crafting dynamic backbeats with that unmistakable analog flavor.

  • Percs: This category includes a diverse array of percussive sounds such as rimshots, congas, and bongos, among others. These percussive elements are ideal for adding complexity and texture to your rhythms.

  • Cymbals: From crisp hi-hats (both open and closed) to shimmering rides and crashes, these cymbal samples offer the bright, metallic tones necessary for completing a drum kit setup.

This sample pack is meticulously crafted to ensure each sample retains the unique character of the Volca Beats, providing producers and sound designers with a versatile array of analog drum sounds suitable for various genres, from techno and house to hip hop and beyond. The one-shot format ensures easy integration into sampler instruments and DAWs, allowing for straightforward programming and sequencing of patterns.

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