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Patchouli Deep Resident // Trebic, Czech Republic
#House #DeepHouse #Techno #Minimal

Jaroslav Konecny, from Trebic, Czech Republic, began his musical journey with the basic Music 2000 program on PlayStation 1. He evolved through FL Studio and Reason to mastering Ableton over the past decade.


Concurrently, he developed his mixing skills, starting with vinyl records. Konecny’s music, inspired by Jazz, House, Deep House, Techno, Ambient, and other electronic genres, reflects his unique creative instincts. He's launching a new venture, Nightrider, focusing on Underground Techno. As Orkus, he explores Deep House, House, Deep Tech, and Tech House.


His work has been featured on labels like Mixcult Records, Platform7even, Frequency Shift, Manuscript records, and others, including Czech labels Avaken and Licker records. Stomp House is set to release more of his tracks in the next six months.

As a DJ, Konecny has notable achievements, including annual performances at the I Love Techno Boat event, wins at Summer Session and Machac festivals, and a 2022 victory at the Cube event, leading to a performance at the Swim club’s Cube Boat. In 2022, he played at various venues across the Czech Republic. Konecny is also involved in creating the Fallout 4 Soundtrack, which has gained significant popularity on the Nexus Mod site.

every 3rd Monday, 7pm (UK)

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