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Patchouli Deep Resident // Kyiv, Ukraine

#Techno #Minimal

DENALI delivers each mix with an electrifying precision that mirrors the peak moments of a techno rave. Renowned for her deep and progressive take on techno, she offers a sound that is both high-quality and powerfully immersive. DENALI’s dedication is palpable—her life is a continuous soundtrack of techno beats, from sunrise to sunset.

Every Friday, she hosts TECHNOLOFT, a radio show that invites listeners to embark on a cosmic journey through the best of underground techno. DENALI isn't just playing tracks; she's on a mission to redefine the genre, transforming techno into a form that captivates even the most devoted pop aficionados and converts them into electronic music enthusiasts.

Join DENALI as she explores the depths of techno, crafting soundscapes that are not only heard but deeply felt, making every listener's experience a revelation of what techno can truly be.

every first Friday 8pm (UK time)

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