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Patchouli Deep Resident // London, UK

#DeepHouse #AfroDeep #ProgressiveHouse

Alex Talamo is an electronic music producer, DJ, and remixer based in London. With influences spanning Deep House, Organic Downtempo, Chillout, and Techno, he releases his music through his own label, "Patchouli Deep".
Known by various aliases such as Funduzm, John Nuzzo, Alex da Rabbit, Busy Rida, and the creative mind behind the name and brand "Filthy Rhodes,"Alex's musical repertoire is truly eclectic.

Blending funk, jazz, and deep house, his musical journey began in 2010 when he partnered with jazz guitarist/sound supervisor Gabriele Palmarin.

Under the alias House Da Buun, they has released over 100 tracks, showcasing their versatility and love for genres like funk, deep house, minimal, and techno. Under the name Filthy Rhodes, Alex Talamo has released over 150 tracks, showcasing his versatility and creativity. As House Da Buun, he has contributed over 100 tracks to the electronic music landscape. Additionally, he has produced more than 1500 instrumental hip hop and dancehall beats, displaying his diverse range as a producer. In 2015, House da Buun collaborated with saxophonist Luca Ardini for their funk/deep house album "El Ritmo."


One of House Da Buun's latest tunes, "Sweet Love," is an afro deep, amapiano-inspired hit featuring the captivating vocals of Rutzy Rad from Nigeria and the magnificent guitar sound of Gabriele Palmarin. The track has also been released in a progressive house edition and features a remix by the talented Pietro LGF from 45drakes.

As a resident DJ for Patchouli Deep London, Alex Talamo hosts three radio programs: Horizon Grooves, DreamDust (Progressive and Organic Deep), and Deep Diamonds (Exploring the deepest side of electronic deep house). He continues to captivate audiences with his dynamic sets and genre-blending style.

With his debut album under his real name, Alex Talamo, scheduled for release in 2023, he is set to explore the realms of pure progressive and organic deep sounds. Stay tuned for this highly anticipated release, as Alex Talamo solidifies his place as a visionary artist in the electronic music scene.

every Sunday 7pm (UK)

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