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Book your session now and spin live from our food truck in SE4! Your 1-hour DJ set will be live-streamed across our channels. We welcome B2B, B3B, and B4B sessions!

Happening every first Thursday of the month.

First 20 bookings are free – secure your spot today!

Book your 1h session - PLEASE READ

Musical Range:
  BPM Range: Accepting music from 55-60 BPM to 170-180 BPM.
  Focus: Emphasize the deep elements within the electronic music spectrum.

Preferred Genres:
  Deep House, Deep Tech, Minimal: Prioritize tracks that exemplify depth and sophistication in these styles.
  Liquid Drum and Bass: Select liquid DnB over standard DnB for its melodic and atmospheric qualities.
  UK Garage: Favor UKG tracks that reflect a deep and refined sound over traditional disco.

Quality and Artistic Integrity:
  Sound Quality: Ensure all tracks have high-quality sound and demonstrate careful sound design.
  Artistic Depth: Select music that shows artistic creation and thoughtful sound exploration, avoiding overly aggressive or rough styles.

Exclusion Criteria:
  No Rave or Overly Aggressive Music: Avoid tracks that are too harsh, commercial, or lack artistic depth.
  Focus on Deep Elements: Ensure that music has a deep, refined quality, rather than being mainstream or low-quality.

DJ FOOD TRUCK SERIES // Video Streaming

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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